Technology manufacturers


Microsoft Vexcel Imaging GmbH

The Vexcel Imaging GmbH Company exists from 1985; the basic kind of Company activities is manufacturing of means for collection and processing of geospatial data.
The Company is located in Graz (Austria) and also has the affiliate in Boulder (Colorado state, USA). The Microsoft Corporation purchased it in 2006.
Company today basic products are digital aerial photographic cameras. The Vexcel Imaging GmbH Company produces them from 2004. Besides UltraCamX cameras this Company produces also such digital aerial photographic cameras as wide-format UltraCamXp, UltraCamXp Wide Angle and medium-format UltraCamL, and UltraCamLp. The leader of the Company line of wide-format cameras is its newest development – the UltraCamEagle camera.

Digital aerial photographic cameras of high and ultrahigh resolution belonging to the UltraCam family are the basic tool for collection of geospatial data with a view of supplementing the content of the Microsoft project under the name of Virtual Earth.


RolleiMetric GmbH


The Rollei Company is manufacturer of photographic cameras, photoproducts and optical equipment.
This Company was founded in 1920 and for today is one of the oldest all over the world. It changed the company name several times in the course of its production activities.
The head-quarter of the Rollei GmbH Company is located in Braunschweig (Brunswick), Germany.
The subdivision of this Company under name of RolleiMetric GmbH was founded in 1986. It specializes on development of cameras and systems for aerial photographic imagery and photogrammetry from small altitudes. Aerial photographic cameras of AIC type (Aerial Industrial Camera) of the RolleiMetric trademark used in various systems of aerial photographic imagery acquire magnificent reputation among manufacturers of these systems and end users. RolleiMetric GmbH products have its own clientele in Europe Asia, North and South America and are used both by commercial companies and by public and municipal structures, which are in need of geospatial information.
TheTrimble Navigation Ltd Company purchased the RolleiMetric GmbH Company in 2008. Purchase of the RolleiMetric Company makes it possible to supplement existing solutions of the Trimble Navigation Ltd Company in the field of integrated aerial imagery, remote sensing, positioning, cartography, and geo-information systems, as well as in the field of mobile cartography.


Leica Geosystems

The Leica Geosystems Company is the Switzerland-based one (earlier it was known as the Wild Heerbrugg brand or simply Wild) is engaged in production of equipment and in preparation of engineering solutions of measurement-based geodetic problems.
This Company was founded in 1921 году. Its headquarters is located in Heerbrugg (Switzerland). For today the staff of this Company amounts to 3.5 thousand people; and its representative offices are located in 28 countries of the world.

The range of Company products is highly broad - from satellite receivers to laser scanning systems, which make it possible to build refined terrain model with resolution of 1 cm. The primary customers of the Leica Geosystems Company are land surveyors, production organizations and companies engaged in the field of GIS operations.

In October 2005 the Hexagon trans-national group purchased the Leica Geosystems Company. The Hexagon group was founded in 1992 году; its headquarters is located in Stockholm (Sweden). The staff of this group exceeds 12 thousand people; and its representative offices are located in more than 40 countries of the world. The field of group activities embraces three business sectors, namely, engineering, metrology, and polymer production.


Optech Incorporated

The Optech Incorporated Company is the world leader in the field of development, production and maintenance of up-to-date instruments for laser- and digital photographic engineering-and-topographic aerial imagery.
This Company was founded in 1974; its headquarters is in Toronto (Canada). For today its staff amounts to about 250 people all over the world.

This Company offers both custom and fully integrated solutions in the field of laser and photographic imagery for aerial mapping of the Earth, aviation bathymetry, mobile mapping, 3-D scanning of underground cavities and in the field of management of industrial processes, as well as delivers sensors for spacecrafts.


Ingenieur-Gesellschaft f?r Interfaces (IGI mbH)

The IGI INGENIEURGESELLSCHAFT F?R INTERFACES (IGImbH) Company specializes in the field of development and production of aerial imagery systems in following niches, namely, navigation, precision geo-positioning, and calculation of attitude- and sensor-control parameters.

The IGI Company was founded in 1978 by Albrecht Grimm, the Professor; its headquarters is located in Kreuzteil (the land of Northern Rhine-Westphalia, Germany). The staff of Company is small and amounts to about 30 people.
The IGI Company is the world leader in the field of own custom-made products. The first in the world this Company proposed the System of aerial-imagery project management for development of aviation sensors, and afterwards became to designate all these systems as CCNS (Computer Controlled Navigation System).
From 2004 this Company delivers its equipment to CIS countries.

For today the IGI portfolio of products includes digital cameras and infrared imagers, GPS/IMU systems of direct geo-positioning, means of planning and management for the aerial-imagery project, aerial laser scanners (lidars), and land-based mobile scanners, as well as does various software.


Colenta Labortechnik GmbH & Co KG

The ColentaGroup Company is manufacturer of equipment for graphic, digital and traditional photographing, and for the X-ray application in medical and industrial sphares.
The ColentaGroup Company is the ART-BICKFORDHoldingGmbH Company subsidiary. Its headquarters is located in Winner-Neustadt (Austria).

Company representative offices are located in Germany, Great Britain, Bulgaria, and USA. About 120 people in total are engaged in group enterprises.

This Company is one of world leaders in the field of film-processor production. For today it specialized in production of the wide range of development machines for photographic film and photographic paper, medical X-ray equipment, and equipment for non-destructive testing. 


Ashtech S.A.S.

The MagellanNavigation (former ThalesNavigation) Company is one of leading companies engaged in production of portable navigational GPS-electronics. Its manufacturing equipment is intended for consumers (tourists, automobilists, and geocachers) and for professional applications (aerial navigation, sea navigation, and geodesy).
This Company was founded in 1986 году; its headquarters is located in Santa-Clara (California State, USA).

This Company is owner of more than 200 patents in the sector of GPS-technologies. The MagellanNavigation Company is the undisputed innovator and leader in this sector as well as maker of such series of automobile navigational products, as Magellan RoadMate® and Maestro™, and such line of portable navigational devices as Magellan Triton® and eXplorist®.
After purchasing of the MagellanCorporation Company by the ThalesGroup Company in June 2001 the leading world center for manufacturing GPS-equipment was created on the base of the ThalesNavigation S.A. Company. The joined company includes four brands - MLR, DSNP, Magellan, and Ashtech.
In January 2006 the ShahCapitalPartners Company finished the purchasing transaction of GPS-business belonging to the ThalesGroup Company; after that the ThalesNavigation Company was renamed into the Magellan Navigation Inc Company.

In December 2008 the part of MagellanNavigation Company, which manufactures consumer’s GPS-electronics, was bought from by the MiTAC International Corporation Company. The MiTAC International Corporation Company was founded in 1982; its headquarters is located in Taiwan. This Company is the world-class corporation innovator and manufacturer of technological devices. Its more than ten thousand employees are engaged in manufacturing activities all over the world, and their production facilities are located in USA, Great Britain, Belgium, People Republic of China, and in Japan. Besides Magellan the MiTAC International Corporation Company supervises such brands as Mio, Navman, and Tyan.

In its turn, in January 2010 the MagellanNavigationProfessional Company, which specializes in manufacturing of professional equipment, was renamed back into Ashtechсо with the headquarters in Karkfu (France).
GPS-equipment of this Company is widely used in geodesy, urban and land cadastres, land inventory, construction of engineering structures, in geology etc.

Conclusion of the agreement about purchasing the Ashtech Company by the Trimble Company was declared in April 2011.


Trimble Navigation Ltd

The American Company named as Trimble Navigation Ltd was one of the first companies, which produced the first receivers of signals transmitted by the Global Positioning Satellite System (GPS). This Company got 20-year experience of GPS-products manufacturing and certainly is the world leader in the field of GPS-equipment. The Company-manufactured range of GPS-products is quite wide. In embraces equipment for geodesy and cartography, products for receiving information about precise time, OEM GPS-modules for embedding into other devices, and complete standalone navigators. The Trimble Company founded in 1978 with headquarters in Sunnyvale (California State) numbers more than 2,000 employees in 20 countries all over the world including USA, Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.


Planar Systems Inc космонавтом

The Planar Systems Company is manufacturer of professional systems for data displaying.
This Company was founded in 1983; its headquarters is located in Beaverton (Oregon State, USA). Jim Hurd, Chris King, and John Laney were its founders.
Representative offices of the Planar Systems Company are located in France, Italy, Finland, and People Republic of China and in Taiwan. At present time the total number of Company employees exceeds 500 people.

At today this Company is the world leader in the field of manufacturing of electroluminescent displays. Company-produced displays are widely used in medical equipment, systems for control of industrial objects, control equipment, transport, communication systems, and in aviation machinery.



The INPHO Company is one of leading suppliers of finished photogrammetry solutions.
This Company was founded in 1980 by Fritz Akkerman, the professor. Its headquarters is located in Stuttgart (Germany).
The line of program products developed by the INPHO Company covers all technological chain of implementing photogrammetry projects including aerial triangulation, creation of stereo-images, relief simulation, and creation of orthophotos. Moreover, the INPHO Company proposes innovation software-based solutions for DTM processing, including advances technologies of filtration and editing of laser-scanning data (LIDAR).

The INPHO Company earned the deserved reputation as the provider of software-based solutions of the highest world level, which are highly computer-aided. After turning this Company into the provider of completely functional photogrammetry solutions in 2000 году the INPHO Company team concentrated their efforts on direct sales and created the widespread networks of distributors all over the world. More than 1000 companies, which specialize in the field of photogrammetry and processing of laser scanning data and are located in more than 100 countries of the world, became users of the INPHO-developed software.

In 2007 this Company was purchased by the Trimble Navigation Ltd Company and at present is the subdivision of the unit of above-mentioned purchaser, which is named as TrimbleGeospatial Division.


Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc. (Esri) 

The Esri Company was founded in 1969 by Jack Dangermond and Lora Dangermond, who became the president and vice-president of this Company respectively. Initially it was the research team engaged in development of methods for geographic data control. Today the Esri Company is leader in the market of geographic informational systems. Its staff amounts to more than 1,400 employees, who works in the Company central office located in Redlands. The total number of employees including those, who work abroad, amounts to more than 2,500 people. Software developed by the Esri Company is successfully used in more than 100,000 public organizations and private companies all over the world.


Applanix Corporation

The Applanix Corporation Company was founded in 1991 and at present is engaged in activities in three basic businesses. This Company develops products of land-based application for geodesy and positioning of transportation means; products for marine survey and construction; and aviation products for trajectory calculations with the aid of data, which are read from board sensors, intended for photogrammetry and laser scanning. The Applanix Company was called by the PROFIT magazine as one of the most quick-growing Canadian companies, and also was recognized as the leading exporter by FedEx Canada and Government of Ontario (as recipient of the Global Traders prize). In 2003 the Trimble Company purchased the Applanix corporation. This purchase expanded the portfolio of technologies at the disposal of the Company Trimble and made it possible to improve reliability of operations and enlarge functionality of future products of positioning.


Terrasolid Ltd

The Terrasolid Company was founded in 1989 in Finland. At present this Company develops and sells program products intended for automation of field surveys, designing of infrastructure objects and for processing of data received after laser-scanning and aerial photographic imagery. Applications are built on the basis of module principle and easily integrated between themselves. In makes it possible to select those configurations that are most fit for problems under solution. There are such advantages of Terrasolid-developed products as their high technical functionality, simple interface, and ideology of 3D-simulation.


«Firma «Rakurs» Closed Joint-Stock Company 

The “Rakurs” Company was founded in 1993 in the Russian Federation. It develops and sells the program product for photogrammetry processing of data received after earth remote sensing under the PHOTOMOD trademark. At present sets of program modules for digital photogrammetry processing of data received after earth remote sensing is united in PHOTOMOD, which make it possible to receive spatial information on the basis of images of practically all available imagery system such as frame-based digital and film cameras, and scanning systems of high resolution as well as radars equipped with synthetic aperture. PHOTOMOD is the most widespread digital photogrammetry station in the Russian Federation and successfully used in 50 countries of world.


Hewlett Packard Company 

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is the large American ІТ-Company, one of the leaders on the world market of solutions in the field of computer technologies.
HP as the company-manufacturer of testing and measurement equipment was founded on 1st January 1939 by William Hewlett and Dave Packard. Company headquarters is located in Palo-Alto (California State, USA).
HP manufactures lines of printers, scanners, calculators, and computers, servers, working stations, office- and home computers as well as renders business services in the field of ІТ. At average this company produces more than 1 million printers weekly and 48 million personal computers yearly. HP renders the each third service all over the world.

More that 324 thousand employees are engaged in company production activities. HP serves more than 1 billion clients in more than 170 countries of six continents. According to totals of 2011 financial year (expired on 31 October 2011) income of this company amounted to about 127.2 billion USA dollars.


“Geo-system” public scientific-and-production enterprise 

The “Geo-system” public scientific-and-production enterprise is engaged in development and manufacturing of equipment and software for digital photogrammetry and cartography. .
The enterprise is located in Vinnitsa (Ukraine).

From 1998 this enterprise mastered manufacturing of color scanners which can process both individual photos and rolled-fed films and perform operation of automatic rewinding.


Retsch GmbH

The Retsch Company, which founded in 1915 as trading one engaged in delivery of laboratory equipment, step-by-step occupied the proper place in the field of sample preparation and their classification. At present it is the leader of world market in this field.

At today it is the company well-known all over the world and specialized in sample preparation, which does not influence on findings of analyses and characteristics of solid bodies. Preparing the representative sample begins from correct dividing specimen in accordance with proper norms until accurate and reproducible results will be achieved; Retsch instruments are indispensable attributes of sample preparation for laboratory analyses. They are symbol of reliability, accuracy and durability. These three deciding criteria and, moreover, 90-year experience in this field, turns the said company into leader in the market of equipment manufacturers and providers of ideas.


Olympus Corp.

The Olympus Corporation Company was founded in 1919 by Takasi Yamasita. It was engaged in manufacturing of microscopes and thermometers in Japan. At present the Olympus Corporation Company turned into one of leading manufactures of optical and digital equipment for optics, photo-technique, and high-quality optical equipment intended for conducting medical biological research. As of 2008 the number of employees working for the Olympus Corporation Company amounts to more than 35,000 people. High quality and reliability of output products made it possible that this company achieved leading positions in the world market. Warranty of 25 year at most is given for majority of company-produced optical models.

 applied imagery

Applied Imagery

The Applied Imagery Company was founded in 2004 in Washington, USA, for commercialization of the Quick Terrain Modeler software, developed in the Johns Hopkins University. Quick Terrain Modeler is world-known and intuitive programming tool, which makes it possible to see, edit, and use 3-D data.

Quick Terrain Modeler enables visualization of vast quantity of data on the basis of the best data representations for analysis and operation.


Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Pol Allen. At present it is one of the largest trans-national corporations engaged in production of software for any kinds of computer engineering, namely, personal computers, videogame consoles, hand-held computers, mobile phones etc., and nowadays this company is designer of the most widespread program platform represented by families of Windows operation systems. Products of Microsoft are sold in more than 80 countries of the world; its programs are translated into more than 45 languages. The Company headquarters is located in Remond. The staff of corporation employees amounts to about 90 thousand people.


Hawker Beechcraft Corporation

The Beech Aircraft Corporation Company, the former Beechcraft Division of Raytheon, is the American manufacturer of civil and military aircraft. At present it is the subdivision of Hawker Beechcraft Corporation.
This Company was founded in 1932 as the joint-venture of Walter Beech and Olivia Ann Beech, his wife. At that time it was only plant of their present-day competitor, the Cessna Company. The first own airplane under the “Beech Staggerwing” name (model 17) developed by Tad Wells took off in November 1932 for the first time. These airplanes were constructed for the American Army over the all period of WWII (270 items were manufactured).
The first King Air 90 airplanes were the modified variants of the aircraft model called as Beech Queen Air Model 65, which was equipped with РТ6А-6 turboprop engines and manufactured in the beginning of 60th years of the last century. The USA Army operated them either as command center or as all-purpose cargo aircraft. In the beginning 1966 the King Air А90 model equipped with the more powerful РТ6А-20 engines displaced the King Air90 model. The King Air В90 model, which was undergone minor improvements, was next. In September 1970 the model King Air С90 was put into commissioning. Its wing span and maximal takeoff weight were increased. This aircraft was equipped with the more powerful РТ6А-20A engines; their conditioning and heating system of cabin was updated.
The new enterprise history began on 8 February 1980, when Beech Aircraft Corporation became the Raytheon Company subdivision. The King Air С90 model was so successful that from 1982 more than 1,300 items of this aircraft were manufactured in various modifications.
In August 1993 Raytheon Company purchased Raytheon Corporate Jets (the former British Aerospace Corporate Jets), the manufacturer of medium-size series of the Hawker aircraft, from the British Aerospace Company. In the middle of September 1994 Beech Aircraft Corporation («Beechcraft») and Raytheon Corporate Jets are merged into the Raytheon Aircraft Company. Later on aircraft-building assets were turned out to be unprofitable for the Raytheon Company, and the latter made decision to concentrate their efforts on manufacturing of military production.

Such companies as Carlyle Group, Cerberus Capital Management и Onex Corporation were pretenders on purchasing of aircraft-building assets. As a result the GS Capital Partners Company belonging to Goldman Sachs and Onex purchased these enterprises on 26 March 2007. This date was the date of birth of Hawker Beechcraft Corporation. The headquarters of this enterprise is located in Wichita (Kansas State, USA); its subdivisions are located all over the world.