Photogrammetric and cartographic

 1. Engineering specifications


  • Pixel format - HD1080;
  • Monitor screen resolution – 1,920 x 1,080;
  • Number of  mega-pixels – 2.1;
  • Step of pixels – 0.248 (102 lpi – lines per inch);
  • Visible size - 22 inches (55.9 cm) diagonally;
  • Palette - 16 million colors;
  • Stereo-brightness– 85 Candela/m?;
  • Response time – 5 ms;
  • Refresh rate – 56-75 Hz;
  • Interface - 24-pin DVI;
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) - 588 mm x 519 mm x 631 mm.


2. Photo-book 


3. Advantages of this type of stereo-monitor

  • Application of the StereoMirror™ innovation technology;
  • Convenient enlarged ergonomics;
  • Opportunity of operation without glares;
  • Wide angle of viewing;
  • High image contrast;
  • Opportunity for working of several users;
  • Using of Windows DirectX stereo-modes or OpenGL applications.


4. Information about manufacturer

1. Purpose and characteristics


ApplicationMaster- is the system kernel, which provides interaction with other system modules and user interface.
MATCH-AT (the aerial triangulation module):

  • The automatic triangulation for all types of frame aerial imagery;
  • Processing of large units of data consisting of several thousands frames  of photos;
  • Expanded capabilities for subunit processing;
  • Automatic support of all types of  INS/GPS systems of all leading manufactures;
  • Expanded capabilities of  output-data analysis;
  • Using of available DTM for preparing the more accurate set of binding points.

MATCH-T DSM (the module of automatic DTM generation):

  • The automatic DTM generation for independent areas of interest;
  • Building of the regular DTM with the aid of series iterations method;
  • Using of object-oriented methods for correlation and stable interpolation of DTM;
  • Using of available DRM for the more accurate automatic building of  DTM;
  • Various algorithms of DTM building for various terrain types.

DTM Toolkit:

  • Surface simulation;
  • Building of horizontals;
  • Data classification/filtration;
  • Automatic generation  of summary for DRM;

DTM-Master (DTM editing):

  • Measurement and editing of coordinates belonging to line and point objects;
  • Opportunity to process  very large volumes of data;
  • Support of the most data formats (DXF, ASCII XYZ, ESRI/Shape, LAS, and WINPUT);
  • Automatic filtration of DTM;
  • Simulation of bridges, buildings and other artificial structures.  

OrthoMaster (the module of orthophoto generation):

  • Generation of true orthophoto (with the aid of the OrthoVista module);
  • Ortho-transformation of space photos (taken with the aid of such satellites as IKONOS, QuickBird, Spot, Landsat, IRSC/D, Aster, Cartosat and ALOS);
  • Opportunity to process practically any formats of the relief information representation;
  • Data processing in the batch mode.

OrthoVista (the tool for generation of mosaics and orthophotos):

  • Algorithms of automatic definition  of cut and joining lines provided with radiometric correction within the block of images;
  • Automatic correction and color smoothing  of individual images, balancing of color and intensity for mosaic on the whole;
  • Radiometric correction of color, brightness and contrast;
  • Import/export of data about lines of  cuts;
  • Support of the most data formats, namely, GeoTIFF, TIFF/TFW, Zeiss inp, Vision RPT, ERS etc.;
  • Support of multi-spectral images;
  • Data processing in the batch mode.

InBlock (the module of equalizing photogrammetry networks) makes it possible to combine other kinds of equipment and aerial-imagery types.


2.   Advantages of this software

  • Full-functional photogrammetry system;
  • The higher performance at the expense of:
    • High speed of processing; 
    • High level of automation;
    • Optimized usage of hardware facilities;
    • Opportunity of data processing in the batch mode;
  • Using of program modules as means for finding well-balanced independent solutions;
  • High reliability at the expense of inner quality control;
  • Opportunity of simple integration making into any alien operating processes;  
  • Flexibly adjustable system components;
  • Support of processing of wide spectrum of digital data;
  • High geometric accuracy, strict recording of structural lines and artificial structures (buildings, bridges etc.);
  • Fast data processing at the expense of their structure optimization;  
  • User-friendly software, which makes considerable preliminary preparation unnecessary.

3. Information about manufacturer

1. Description:

This program module performs the aerial triangulation operation and is included into the program package intended for computer-aided processing of the primary data received with the aid of aerial photographic cameras belonging to the UltraCam family. It can be used as a standalone module with capabilities to import/export data from/into the most of exchange formats.


2. Photo album

3. Specifics:

  • High performance at the expense of clustering and  efficient usage of  computational resources of equipment;
  • Applying up-to-date mathematical algorithms for doing calculation and their permanent improvement; 
  • Applying Bingo program modules for doing calculation;
  • Original, non-standard and efficient programming tools of interface;
  • Unique methods of  visualization and interactive elements;
  • Compatibility with all popular photogrammetry programs.   


4. Information about manufacturer

1. Descriptions:

Digitals - Digitals is the program product developed by the Ukrainian Company named as “Geosistema” Scientific-and-Production Enterprise” in cooperation with the Central Research Institute of Geodesy, Aerial Imagery and Cartography, Moscow. The mentioned program is intended for creating/updating topographic and special maps and for publication of maps, city cadastre preparation and land management, as well as for solving engineering and applied problems. It gives unlimited opportunities for creating/editing/viewing digital maps. This program supports 3D-input into the Delta DPS (Digital Photogrammetry Station) and into majority of import/export formats.
This program product consists of three basic components:

    • DigitalsStandardthe initial program version, which includes basic performance capabilities, namely, creation of digital maps in conventional signs, reading and writing of the In4 format and other formats, relief simulation, calculation of areas and volumes, and printing of state acts, and other graphic documents.
    • DigitalsProfessional - the additional program, which makes it possible to process raster images as well as store maps in the SQL-server and arrange simultaneous multi-user access to them.
    • Delta/Digitals - the software of digital photogrammetry station (DPS), which make it possible to perform photogrammetry processing of findings received after aerial photographic imagery. It is based on the Digitals cartographic kernel that can conduct stereoscopic measurements.

2. Photo album 

3. Specifics:

  • Geodesy, cartography, photogrammetry, and land management are integrated into one program;
  • Compatibility and universality;
  • The universal software platform with vast set of photos;
  • Loading of satellite photos from Google Maps and Virtual Earth;
  • Inserting data into the selected map and joining of  multitude of rasters;
  • The multi-user mode of operation;
  • Means of rich-edit control for maps and plans;
  • Program expandability;
  • Representation of maps in 3-D view;
  • The semiautomatic vectorizer;
  • Localization for Ukraine.


4. Information about manufacturer