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“Aviation Accounting Center” LLC

Aviation Accounting Center (for Ukraine & CIS countries)

AAC (for all other countries)


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Building 67, Volynska street, Kyiv City, 03151, Ukraine

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+ 38-044-461 54 86

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+ 38-044-461 54 87

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Sergii Bulgakov, General Director

Information about Company:


Aviation Accounting Center LLC (AAC) is the leading Ukrainian engineering company in the field of acquisition, processing and provision of geospatial data. AAC provides all types of earth remote sensing: digital aerial photography; LiDAR scanning; radar, spectozonal and hyperspectral imagery; airborne geophysical survey; echoranging; etc. Delivers satellite imagery data. Performs topographic and geodetic surveys, produces all types of cartographic materials at all scales; develops databases and Geographic Information Systems (GIS); provides customers with necessary GIS services.


AAC executes projects both in Ukraine and abroad (the only Ukrainian company of its kind working in Europe).


    Being the successor to the Aerial Survey Air Squadron "Kiev Joint Aviation Unit", one of the 5 main civil aerial survey enterprises in USSR, the company had inherited years of experience, tradition and professionalism. In recent years, by mastering the most advanced and, in most cases, unique for Ukraine technologies, the company became the leading company in Ukraine and gained recognition abroad. In solving any tasks of our clients, we use the technologies that ensure the optimum accuracy in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.


  • establishing year:



  • staff numb:

35 persons



Sphere of activities:


  • Geodesy and Topography;
  • Photogrammetry and Cartography;
  • Architecture and Urban Planning;
  • Archeology;
  • Geology and Geophysics;
  • Metrology;

Rendered services:

Execution of specialized surveys (in the field of geo-engineering) Aerial Surveys

- Aerial Photography (panchromatic, color and spectral zonal)

- Airborne Laser Scanning

- Hyper Spectral (including infrared and thermal)

Bottom Topography Surveys (hydrographic surveys)
Topographic and Geodetic Surveys

- Leveling

- Tachometry

- GPS-Survey

- Laser Scanning

- Infrared (thermal) Survey, etc.

Condition Survey of Geospatial Features (inventory, monitoring) by ERS technologies

Information Provision (with geospatial data)

Provision of geo-data for the whole territory of Ukraine (from archives)
Provision of Satellite Imagery

- Optical

- Multi-spectral

- Radiolocation

Creation of Digital Terrain Models (DTM):

- Earth Surface

- Underwater Topography

Production of Orthophoto maps/plans
Production of Maps (Plans) at all scales

- Vector Maps, Digital Terrain Models

- Topographic maps (raster and vector ones)

- Thematic maps

Creation of 3D Models

- Urban areas

- Infrastructures

Development of Geo-Informational Systems

- Development, Delivery & Installation

- Database Development

- Data Provision and Update

- System Administration and Maintenance


Regions of operations

  • Ukraine.
  • Europe (Moldova, Rumania, Hungary and Lithuania).
  • Caucasus and Central Asia (Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan).
  • Africa (Republic of Equatorial Guinea).

Sectors and Areas of Service Applications:

  • Geodesy, Cartography, and Land Cadaster
  • Forests and Natural Reserves, Flora and Fauna
  • Agriculture and Land Resources (crops, ecological conditions, inventories)
  • Water and Fish Resources
  • Mineral Resources (open mining, mines and mining outputs, assessment of reserves)
  • Wastes and Hazardous Materials, Nuclear Safety
  • Emergency Situations, Environment, Hydrometeorology
  • Hydrography (areas of seas, navigable waterways on rivers/seas, coastal zones of rivers/seas)
  • Motor roads and Railroads, Bridges and Tunnels (roadbed, adjoining territories)
  • Pipelines (gas transport systems, oil pipelines, ammonia pipelines)
  • Power lines (transmission and distribution networks)
  • Wired Communication Networks
  • State Borders
  • Enterprises (transport and production), Construction, Culture Heritage, etc.
  • Settlements and Urban Economies
  • Whole territory of Administrative Formation


Task-specific Applications: 

  • Land inventory and cadastral surveys (land survey, land management, cadastral works)
  • Specialized zoning
  • Creation and updating of navigation maps (road and railway maps, nautical charts)
  • Traffic management / monitoring / control, vehicle tracking (automotive, railway, waterborne)
  • Object certification
  • Preparation for design and construction
  • Resource accounting by quantity, type, territory
  • Monitoring and assessment of ecological contaminations
  • Data input and update of GIS
  • Survey of natural calamity and disaster areas for affected region identification and damage assessment
  • Object visualization
  • Growth/development forecast (floods, flood zones, ice situation, snowdrifts, forest and agriculture)
  • Technical evaluation of transmission facilities (condition assessment of pillars and cables of electrical power lines), including feasibility studies for power lines transmission capacity increase
  • Technical evaluation of heat supply systems (identification of increased (above operational envelope) heat-loss and emergency sections)
  • Modeling of propagation of radio waves/signals based on DEM (DTM)
  • Monitoring of depth condition
  • Monitoring of unauthorized mining/gathering
  • Monitoring of unauthorized site development
  • Monitoring of unauthorized penetration


Equipment and Software Used:

  • Specialized Aircraft

Beechcraft King Air C-90А (USA);

  • Digital Aerial Camera (wide format)

Microsoft Vexcel UltraCam X (Austria)

  • Digital Aerial Camera (medium format)

Trimble Rollei AIC Pro 65+ (Germany)

  • Airborne Laser Scanner (LiDAR)

Optech ALTM Gemini (Canada)

  • Inertial Navigation Systems (for real-time positioning)

IGI IMU Aerocontrol- IId (Germany)

Applanix POS AV 510 (Canada)

  • Computer Controlled Navigation System

IGI  CCNS 4 (Germany)

ALTM NAV (Canada)

  • LiDAR Data Processing Software

TerraSolid (Finland);

  • GPS-observations Processing Software

Waypoint Graf Nav/Net (USA)

Applanix PosPAC (Canada)

  • Photogrammetric Data Processing Software

INPHO (Germany)

UltraMap (Austria)

  • Digital Map Compilation Software


MapInfo (USA)

Digitals (Ukraine)

  • Stereo-monitors

Planar StereoMirror SD2220 (USA)

  • GPS-receivers (dual frequency)

Thales Z-Max (France)

Thales Z-Xtreme (France)

NovAtel OEMV3 (Canada)

Trimble (USA)

Trimble R4 (USA)

  • GPS-receivers (single frequency)

Ashtech ProMark2 (France)


Available Certificates:

  • License for carrying out topographic and geodesic, and cartographic works

No.521163 of 01/04/2010

  • Special permit of the Security Service of Ukraine for carrying out  activities associated with state secrets

No.КBЗ-2016-134 of 17/11/2016

  • License for carrying out land-management works

No.583052 of 11/02/2011

  • License for economic activities in construction associated with building of architectural objects

No.588835 of 29/09/2011

  • ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate


Competitive advantages:

  • Shortest turnaround time

due to the high performance based on use of various automatic processing technologies

  • Highest quality and accuracy of produced materials

due to application of the latest technologies and professionalism of the employees who value their reputation

  • Reasonable prices

due to low prime cost

  • Ability to execute most complicated and non-standard types of work

due to continuous implementation of new technologies and application of the gained experience gained in different countries and different conditions

  • Guarantee of work execution

confirmed by national and international reputation, possibility of providing bank guarantees from Ukrainian and International Banks

  • Possibility to execute works without prepayment

due to significant own current assets

  • Ability to update previously completed works

Due to uninterrupted business activities