History of company

How the ball was set rolling


With the view of operating and full mapping of west and southwest border territories of the USSR (Ukraine, Baltic States, Byelorussia, Moldavia, the North Caucasus, and Transcaucasia) the aerial-imagery squadron was organized on the basis of the Kyiv-based United Air Enterprise in 1946. Similar aerial photographic imagery subdivisions were organized more in four other united air enterprises (UAE) of the former USSR, namely, in the Myachkovskyy UAE (Moscow), Leningrad UAE (Rzhevka airport), Alma-Ata UAE (Burunday), and in the Novosibirsk UAE. Besides the above-mentioned civil air enterprises, with a view of conducting aerial-imagery operations within the territory of the former USSR, the special military units were organized, namely, the Chernovtsy, Tiraspol and the Krasnoyarsk aircraft squadrons. After declaration of independence of Ukraine in 1992 the air quadroon named as “Blue path” (the Borispol airdrome) was organized in the structure of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on the base of Chernovtsy aircraft squadron. The said air squadron conducted aerial imagery in the frame of “Open Sky” international project. At the same time for conducting aerial imagery operations with a view of preventing and liquidating aftermaths of emergency situations the special air enterprise (the Nezhin airdrome) was organized in the structure of Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine.

The powerful technological base was given at disposal of the aerial imagery squadron included into the Kiev United Air Enterprise. Its aircraft fleet amounted to 9 AN-30- and 4 IL-14 airplanes and was staffed by professional employees.It enabled to carry out flights for conducting aerial photographic imagery, infrared-imager aerial imagery, and ecological monitoring and for providing meteorological protection and geological surveys not only within the territory of Ukraine and USSR but and abroad too. During several years specialists of the Kiev United Air Enterprise worked in Yemen with a view of preparing the map of this country in scale 1:50,000. In Bulgaria they made aerial imagery operations under the order of local geodesic, cartography, and land-management enterprises with a view of designing power lines, oil and gas pipelines, motorway, mapping of territories etc. Our history actually began from operations of this aerial photographic squadron.


Rebirth in independent Ukraine

fly1 In the beginning of 90th, that is to say, in first years of establishing independence of Ukraine the drastic decrease of state financing resulted in declining of cartographic production, namely, volumes of operation for map updating and topographic mapping were plummeted. Accordingly operations of aerial photographic imagery were practically discontinued, and this industry actually sank into degradation. But in this time former specialists of aerial photographic imagery squadron of the Kiev United Air Enterprise resumed their professional activities in the newly organized company under the “Aerogeoinformaticsтм” name. The “Aerogeoinformaticsтм” company having become the successor of aerial photographic imagery industry of Ukraine inherited the most important thing in the form of many years’ experience and professional skills of its employees, who succeeded not only to save and carry on traditions of the aerial photographic imagery squadron, but organize high performance production company engaged in receiving and processing of aerial photographic imagery materials and other data obtained after Earth remote sensing. In the new century the “Aerogeoinformaticsтм” company expanded geography of their operations, namely, from 2001 it began to work in the Republic of Turkmenistan (Central Asia), from 2002 in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea (Africa), and from 2008 in the Eastern Europe (Hungary, Romania etc.).


Time to change technologies

So far as increasing of orders, the “Aerogeoinformaticsтм” company became to think about necessity to change its technological resources. Technologies of analog aerial imagery already could not satisfy demands of company clients. As criteria of its development the said company selected quality of prepared products, which should be output owing to its activities, raising of performance level, automation of production, and expanding of spheres of company commercial activities.

Accordingly, digital technologies, which were represented by aerial cameras named as Microsoft Vexcel Ultra Cam X (put into operation in 2007) and Trimble Rollei AIC Pro (put into operation in 2010) and Optech ALTM Gemini aerial laser scanner (put into operation in 2010), replaced analog ones. The Beechcraft King Air C-90A (2007) aircraft was put into commissioning instead of An-30. Software products named as UltraMap (mastered in 2011), Inpho , ApplanixPOSPac and TerraSolid (mastered in 2010) began to be used for processing of materials received after aerial photographic imagery and laser scanning, as well as for carrying-out tasks of photogrammetry. Before-mentioned program products are one of the best in their classes.

At present in Ukraine the “Aerogeoinformaticsтм” company is the most advanced enterprise both in technique and in issues of quality, organizational management, and production performance.

The permanently expanding spectrum of rendered services resulted in creation of such brand as “Aerogeoinformaticsтм”. It became the formula for solution of the most complicated problems within demanded terms and at the optimal price acceptable for our customers.