Aerial photography and laser scanning

Aerial Imagery is conducted with using of the custom-made aerial-survey equipment selected depending on aerial-imagery purposes. The calibration certificate in force confirms engineering data of aerial-survey equipment.

The said aerial-survey equipment is mounted in aircraft (airplane or helicopter) of performance data necessary for aerial imagery conducting (maximal/minimal altitude and flight speed, flight duration, maneuverability, and performance etc.). Such aircraft should be custom-tailored one or specially modified for mounting aerial-survey equipment.


A crew of this aircraft should be certified for aerial imagery conducting. Aerial imagery of specified targets located within a defined territory can be made only after receiving special permissions given by authorized bodies.

Aerial Imagery is conducted according to the proper technology in accordance with valid legal normative documents.

Designing routes of aerial-imagery flights is made with the aid of the special custom-made software. A drafted flight-plan together with specified flight altitudes, forward and lateral overlaps, actuation points of camera shutter and other specific parameters are input into an aircraft navigation system intended for aerial-survey equipment control.


In addition, using of inertial system when aerial imagery conducting allows to record parameters of exterior orientation of aerial-survey equipment, that results in essential reducing terms of aerial-imagery data processing and in enhancing quality of final products.


Received aerial-imagery data are submitted to the proper regulatory authority for verification reviewing. According to results of reviewing a defined classification of restricted access is assigned to the said data.

The final phase of aerial-imagery is the primary processing of its data with the aid of computer-engineering means that run the custom-made software.


Aerial photography

RGB (color)

Vexcel UltraCam Eagle Prime
Trimble Rollei AIC Pro 65+

BAW (black-and-white)

NIR (near infrared)

Aerial laser scanning

Optech ALTM Gemini

Spectral scanning

NIR (near infrared)

Itres  CASI-1500

SWIR (short-wave near infrared)

Itres  SASI-600

MWIR (medium-wave near infrared)

Itres  MASI-600

LWIR (long-wave infrared)

Itres  TASI-600

Synthetic-aperture radar (SAR)


Aerial Geophysical Imagery

Magnetic measurements

Geometrics G-822A

Gamma-ray spectrometry

AGRS - 10S/10E
RS-500 (RX-4, RSX-5)
Exploranium GR-820

Electrical survey


Gravity survey


Seismic survey



Aerial photography

As against geodetic (land-based) survey:

  • Low cost price (with respect to areas exceeding 10 km2);
  • High efficiency of made works;
  • High-level computerization, minimal dependence on human factor;
  • Airborne access to hard-to-reach locations (swamps, sands etc.)

As against space imagery:

  • Better spatial resolution (5-40 cm);
  • Low cost price (in the case of resolution less than 1 m).  

Aerial laser scanning

As against aerial photography

  • High accuracy of measuring altitude coordinates when scanning   relief (locality) objects;
  • High-level computerization of DCM (Digital Crown Model) definition;
  • Independence on illumination (night work);

Synthetic-aperture radar (SAR)

As against aerial photography

  • Independence on weather conditions in practice.


At that, the custom-tailored clamping frame (connectors) intended for mounting the specific aerial-survey equipment can be developed and manufactured.


Name of permit

Permit-issuing body

Document necessary for permit receiving

Organization-permit recipient

Guidelines of permit issuing

Periodicity of permit issuing

When necessary


Approval of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Military Government Unit No. А 0515 of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

(together with cartogram)

Enterprise engaged in aerial imagery conducting   

For every aerial imagery  object



Permit for  making aerial imagery works in  border districts of Ukraine

Administration of State Border-Guard Service of Ukraine

If aerial imagery object is located within border districts


Permit for flying over state border of Ukraine and neighboring state when  making aerial imagery works

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of External Affairs of that state where aerial imagery flights are planned to be conducted.

When flying over state border of Ukraine  


Permit of Kyiv Municipal State Administration

Kyiv Municipal State Administration

Flight operator

During calendar period

When conducting aerial imagery flight over Kyiv City  


Approval of  State Guard Directorate of Ukraine

State Guard Directorate of Ukraine


Permits for  conducting aerial imagery flights

State Aviation Administration of Ukraine

For every aerial imagery  object




Flight Coordination Department – Central Dispatch Service of State Aviation Administration of Ukraine

Application for aircraft fly-out
for aerial imagery

For every aerial imagery fly-out

When conducting aerial imagery flights


Permits for  aerial imagery flights



Approval of aerial imagery fly-out

Military sector of  regional center (in area of responsibility) of UkrSATSE (Ukrainian State Air-Traffic Service Enterprise)

Verbal request


It. No. Type of aircraft Aircraft No. Operator Aircraft owner Base aerodrome Technical state Permit for use of aerial camera on aircraft Note
Side No. Serial No. Name Owner of operator Year of production Date of last overhaul Expiration date of CoA
1 Л-410-УВП UR-MAG 820924 Air company South Airlines, LLC Molot Y. Koshchenko A. Airport Gostomel
Airport Odessa
1982 On condition Without CoA Leica RC-30 Without engine, airport Odessa
2 Ан-30 UR-30036 703 Airport in RF Molot Y. Airport of RF 30.05.1975 RMK-15 or
Transferred to RF
3 Ан-30 12 0302 Special squadron of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine State Emergency Service State Emergency Service  Airport Nezhyn 1973 31.05.1995 Without CoA АФА-41 In storage, airdrome Nezhyn
4 Ан-30 11 1310 1977 26.03.1993 Without CoA АФА-41 In storage, airdrome Nezhyn
5 Ан-30 80 0608 Air squadron "Blakytna stezhka" of Air Force of the Minister of Defence of Ukraine, military base - А2215 Ministry of Defence Ministry of Defence of Ukraine Airport Boryspil 24.03.1975 1999 АФА-42/20 Fit, equipped for international air lines
res. life 582 landings 2014 h
6 Ан-30 81 0609 28.03.1975 1999 АФА-41/10 Fit, equipped for international air lines
res. life 409 landings 1981 h
7 Ан-30 85 0101 13.06.1973 28.01.1993 АФА-41/20 In storage, airdrome Boryspil
In preparation for sale
8 Ан-30 86 0602 25.11.1974 11.03.1997 In storage, airdrome Boryspil
In preparation for sale
9 Ан-30 87 1309 18.12.1977 31.03.1993 In storage, airdrome Boryspil
In preparation for sale
10 Ан-30 88 0303 25.12.1973 24.07.1996 In storage, airdrome Boryspil
In preparation for sale
11 Ан-30 UR-30022 404 410 Plant 25.02.1974 11.06.1991 Transferred to АРП-410 22.10.1999
Excluded from Register upon the decree of the State Aviation Administration as of August 13, 08, disposed
12 Ан-30 UR-30025 503 25.06.1974 04.03.1991 Transferred to АРП-410 26/12/2001
13 Ан-30 UR-30026 505 30.08.1974 03.01.1990 Transferred to АРП-410 28/12/2001
14 Ан-30 UR-46633 202 31.08.1973 30.11.1990 Transferred to АРП-410 13/02/2002
15 Ан-30 UR-30000 1401 airport in Sudan Airport of Sudan 31.01.1978 11.06.1999 Reequipped into ver. А100
16 Ан-30 UR-30005 1406 Public Joint Stock Company Commercial Bank „TK-Credit” Airport Kyiv / Zhuliany 31.03.1978 06.08.1990 Leica RC-30, Vexcel UltraCam X (D),
Transferred on April 17, 2009 to Public Joint Stock Company Commercial Bank „TK-Credit”
17 КА С-90 UR-CRV LJ 1348 Air company "Columbus", CJSC AS 10.11.1993 02.04.2011 Leica RC-30,
Vexcel UltraCam X (D)
18 Ан-2 UR-84647 1Г 19125 Air company "V-AVIA", LLC V.Y. Zubenko Air company "V-ABIA", LLC Airport Vinnytsia 13.02.1981 20.03.2009 08.10.2012 3 DAS-1
19 Ан-2 UR-17769 1Г 20330 10.06.1983 18.08.2007 02.08.2013 3 DAS-1 or
АФА 33/20
20 Ан-2 UR-40437 1Г 22414 02.03.1987 25.11.1992 04.12.2012
21 Ан-2 UR-5612 1Г 18310 Enterprise Air company "Agroavia Dnepr", Dnipropetrovsk Commercial Manufacturing Enterprise "Technopolis" Zaporizhia Dnipropetrovsk, airport Podhorodnee Excluded from the Register of Aircrafts of Civil Aviation of Ukraine on October 01, 2008
22 Ан-2 UR-68071 1Г 19341 Air company "Desna-avia", LLC Ilyich Iron and Steel Works Private Enterprise "ELERON", Ternopil     (L. Tylniy) Airport Mariupol 19.08.1981 27.07.2009 15.12.2010 Can obtain CoA
23 Ан-2 UR-33516 1Г 19341 Crimea State Aviation Enterprise "Universal-Avia"
Excluded from the Register of Aircrafts of Civil Aviation of Ukraine on April 30, 2009
- Aircraft is not used in Ukraine (or it is disposed)